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Hypnotherapy Leaflet for promoting your business - Side 1

Marketing Leaflet for Hypnotherapists Side 2 Side one of our Hypnotherapy Leaflet, containing information and a high impact sales pitch for Phobia Cures & Pain Control using Hypnosis & CMT (Complete Mind Therapy). The copy for this leaflet was written exclusively for us, at a cost far beyond that of an individual licence, and when distributed properly, these leaflets / fliers can effectively promote and advertise your therapy business, and see a great return on your initial investment.



Our Therapy Leaflet Design is probably a lot different to anything that you have seen before. There are no Blue Skies, White Fluffy Clouds, or soothing words. Carefully designed the purpose is to create a feeling of pain, discomfort, angst & fear, before offering the solution. The images used have been carefully chosen to elicit the negative emotions in your potential clients… and we know that this works!

The text has been written by one of the World’s leading Hypnotic Trainers & Hypnotherapists, which alone would usually cost more than the price of this complete design – And this can be yours for just £250 (or £225 when you sign up for our news letter!) – But wait – there’s more!

Order your license for this artwork today, and we will send you your first 5,000 (Five Thousand) leaflets printed on 250 gsm glossy A5 Card (similar to the high quality used by some of the biggest Night Clubs) included in the price!* (further leaflets are available to licensees for just £150 for 5,000)

These leaflets are not printed on cheap photocopying paper, or anything that is flimsy and feels poor quality. When your potential client picks this leaflet up they will know that you are one of the best in the business!

Still not convinced? email us with your name & address, and we will send you a free sample, so that you too can appreciate the quality of the design, printing and paper. We know that after you have held one of these leaflets in your fingers, you will never look at another leaflet the same again!

Plus – we will let you into the secrets that the top hypnotherapists are using to get these leaflets into the hands of clients, & how to convert enquiries into sales!


Whilst we would love to be able to offer you exactly the same deal, unfortunately the shipping costs are too prohibitive… however, we can offer you two great options –

  • The deal as above (license & 5,000 A5 leaflets) for £250 + shipping at cost price, using the cheapest option available to us at the time (contact us for details). 
  • OR – Purchase your customised design and lifetime license from us, and receive the artwork in a ready-to-print format to send to your own local print company. Reuse the provided artwork time and time again, never having to pay us any extra – Plus receive our exclusive ebook “Thoughts & Ideas for Distributing Therapy Leaflets” for just £150

The above leaflet design customised to fit the specifications for USPS “Every Door Direct Mail” – Lifetime License & Customised ready-to-print Artwork only £165



With a background in Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis and Venue Management, our designers know what works – and what doesn’t!
If you don’t book your leaflets today – your competitors might!

To order your leaflet design & 5,000 leaflets for only £250 call Hypnotic Consultants today on 01706 354 963 / 07967 514 060
or email


For more examples of our recent design work, please check out the image gallery.

*Offer available to UK postal addresses only.