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Frequently Asked Questions – Always Under Construction! If you can’t see an answer to your question, please email us for a personal response with your query.

Why should I use Hypnotic Consultants?
Hypnotic Consultants are possibly the most affordable design & print company within the UK.

Who are Hypnotic Consultants?
We started trading to fill a known gap in the market. Everyone who works for H-C is, or has been, either a designer, performer, venue manager, or hypnotist. We knew that unique designs and quality printing are essential to promoting a successful business, and after soucing out the most affordable options for our own ventures, decided to use our knowledge and experience to help others in a similar position. We are not the largest design and print company in the UK, but we offer unbeatable quality at an affordable price.

I have found a cheaper print company elsewhere, but will you provide the design still?
Certainly! But remember that “cheaper” is not synonimous with “affordable”! We try and keep our costs as low as possible at Hypnotic Consultants, and if you think that you have sourced a better company to provide your printing, please give us a ring first. We will do everything we can to beat a genuine like-for-like quote!

I have already got a design / graphic designer, but your print prices are extremely competitive, can you print someone else’s artwork?
Not a problem! just get in touch by phone or email, and let us provide your designer with our file specifications, to ensure that your finished material is printed to our highest standards! Unlike other companies, we will not charge you for a “File-Checking Service”.

I do not live in the UK, can you ship my print to another country?
Yes, however this wil incur additional charges. All our prices quoted do include delivery within the UK

Is there a way to get a discount on your (already very affordable) prices?
We must be mad to do this, but yes… how does an additional 10% off everything sound?… just sign up to our regular newsletter with the same details as you are ordering from, and the discount is yours, for as long as you subscribe.

I am tempted to sign up for your fantastic email newsletter, and benefit from the 10% discount offered, but I hate Spam…
Our regular newsletters are information packed with tips and tricks to help you benefit from our own experiences in promoting entertainment, venues and hypnotherapy services. We promise that we will never share your email address with any other company, and never send you an email that solely advertises products! Plus, coming soon, we will be inviting other guest authors to provide you with top quality information to help your business grow. We adhere closely to the CAN-SPAM Act, and you are free to unsubscribe at any time… every email from us will contain your unique unsubscribe link – no need to send complicated emails, wait up to 14 days, or make a telephone call… just click once! Not that we can understand why you would want to!