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The following form our standard terms of business, and may be subject to alterations or further conditions as defined in any correspondence, telephone conversation etc.

1) All artwork designed by Hypnotic Consultants will remain their property (intellectual & copyright) until all agreed fees are paid to the designers in full.

1(a) In the case of “licensed artwork”, Hypnotic Consultants will retain all rights on the design, but will provide the right for it to be used non-exclusively as per the terms of the license.

2) All printing orders placed with Hypnotic Consultants must be paid for in full prior to artwork being sent to print.

3) Hypnotic Consultants standard design fees are as follows – £80 per hour / £40 per half hour (or part thereof). These fees may be reduced for design commissions to an agreed fixed fee.

4) Once a design has been completed, the client is responsible for paying all due fees immediately. After 30 days of non payment, any agreed fixed fee will be void, with the design fee reverting to the full standard fees as detailed above.

5) Hypnotic Consultants will do everything in their power to send artwork to a client, however, given the issues associated with emailing large files, and the constraints of email inbox sizes, Hypnotic Consultants will not be held responsible for any missing artwork, or any loss (finincial or otherwise) relating to missing / lost / delayed artwork.

6) It is the client’s responsibility to notify the designers of any expected artwork that has not arrived, for whatever reason.

7) All dates given for design or print delivery is a guideline and whilst Hypnotic Consultants will attempt to keep to any given dates, they will not be held responsible for any delays, or for any loss of business due to such delays.

8) It is the client’s sole responsibility to check all proofs of artwork prior to any design going to print, including (but not limited to) all spelling, contact details, dates, details of offers & all necessary legal terms / disclaimers etc. Hypnotic Consultants cannot and will not be held responsible for any typography errors, ommisions, or any other mistake after a client has passed a final proof.

9) Once a design has been sent to print, there is no opportunity for any artwork changes, refunds (partial or full) or adjustments to quanities ordered etc. Please make sure you are completely satisfied with your proofs and your print order before allowing us to print.

10) All prices quoted on this site, or by any of our promotional partners are inclusive of delivery within the mainland UK only, and are correct to the best of our abilities. We reserve the right to alter our prices without notice, and final prices will be confirmed by email. All emailed prices will supersede anything within this website, or provided by any third party.

11) It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that contact & delivery details provided to Hypnotic Consultants are correct before printing commences. No changes to delivery addresses can be changed after this point.

12) Hypnotic Consultants reserve the right to display any commissioned design on this webpage, or other promotional outlet without any notice to the client. 

13) Artwork designs may be provided as a “licensed” design or an “exclusive” design, as agreed before work commences. “Licensed” Designs, or parts of such, may be offered to other clients, and therefore are not unique or exclusive. “Exclusive” Designs will only be provided to one client. The term “Exclusive” will apply to the design layout as a whole, and doe not cover singular elements of the design (such as Pocket Watch Graphics, Hypnotic Spirals etc)

14) Unless a client stipulates in writing that a design commissioned should be “Exclusive” to them, it will be assumed that the design is “Licensed” and priced accordingly.

15) Licensed Designs will be charged at a lower rate than Exclusive Designs.

16) Any discount offered will be subject to seperate terms and conditions. The 10% discount offered to clients on our email newsletter list only applies for the duration of such a subscription, and requires that the initial email correspondence to Hypnotic Consultants regarding a design commission is from that same email address, and that the client requests any such discount clearly and in writing.